Let’s Get Physical (Comedy)

“Everybody loves a clown”
Gary Lewis & The Playboys

They say laughter is the best medicine. In this experience, your team will combine laughter with lessons in performing skills, physicality and body language.

Your teams will train with our highly experienced performers to learn various clowning, improvisation and physical comedy techniques and learn about what their body language says about them and how to better read other’s. These subtle lessons and new performance skills encourage participants to release their inhibitions in a fun, supportive (and sometimes, quite silly) environment.

Throughout the day, your team will:

  • Engage in a workshop on body language
  • Participate in improvisation and clowning exercises and games
  • Break off into group and devise their own sketch
  • Perform their sketch to their colleagues



  • Develop a better understanding of body language.
  • Improve their ability to read others through their body language.
  • Enhance their performance and presentation skills.
  • Refine their general communication skills.



Hours 1 and 2: Body Language & Physical Comedy Workshop
The Master of Ceremonies will explain how the day will work and introduce our mentors and teachers for the day. We’ll start with a group body language workshop with discussion, mime-exercises and improvisation games, before the group is split into a few smaller teams (each team is paired with a mentor).

Hour 3: Rehearsal
Under the guidance of their mentor and using some of the skills they learned in the workshop, each team will devise and rehearse a short mime sketch. These pieces may poke fun of daily life in the office or they may make a profound comment on world politics – it’s entirely up to the team.

Hour 4: The Performance
The MC introduces each team who will perform their sketch to an audience of their peers (who we expect to cheer and hollar with encouragement and enthusiasm).


Optional drinks follow – the team can all recap on their favourite moments and talk about the things they’ve learned about their colleagues by performing together.


What to bring?

  • Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.