Your Song – The Recording: Office Band experience

“And you can tell everybody, this is your song”
– Elton John

Unite your workplace through ‘Your Song’ – The Recording: Office Band experience! In this full-day event, your team will work with our professional musicians to write and record their own pop song.

Your teams will train with our highly experienced musicians to finesse their singing, songwriting and performing skills. They’ll be accompanied by professionals on various instruments who will help bring their creations to life!

Through this experience, you’ll learn about expression, musicality, rhythm and performance skills. Of course, you’ll learn a whole lot more about your team-mates in the process!

This programme bonds a team together as they go through the life-changing process of writing, rehearsing and recording their own song together. Walk away with demos you can play to your colleagues, clients, friends and family. 


Hour 1: Meet the Mentors + Warm Up.
The Master of Ceremonies will explain how the day will work and introduce our musicians. Your team will learn about the performers and each other before breaking off into smaller teams who will each be assigned a musician as a mentor and collaborator. Before breaking off into groups, everyone will warm up with one big sing-a-long as a large choir to a karaoke classic.

Hours 2-4: Creative Hub – writing and rehearsing
Under the guidance of their mentor, each team will work together to write their new pop song. They will then rehearse their song and get ready for their performance. Participants are encouraged to bring their song to life by adding any dance-moves or other performance tricks to really boost the show.

Hour 4-6 Recording
Visit a recording studio where a professional producer will help your team lay down their tracks. Participants will learn about the recording process while they record their song with the help of our producers. Everyone walks away with a demo they can play to all their friends and listen to themselves to remind them of their day as a recording musician. 

Optional drinks follow – the team can all recap on their favourite moments and talk about the things they’ve learned about their colleagues by writing songs together.


What to bring?

Those in your team who have an existing musical ability are encouraged to bring a instrument of their choice. This is not required, everyone will be able to get involved, regardless of their musical ability.